Special Waste

Our secure landfill site is one of the most environmentally sound operations of its kind in the Northwest.

This gives you peace of mind and minimizes future concerns and liabilities. Special waste means that the waste must be handled very carefully when being removed, packaged for disposal and actually disposed of according to all applicable state and federal rules and regulations. Some examples are listed below. Each has its own procedure that must be used to take care of it properly:

  • Asbestos
  • Petroleum contaminated soil
  • PCB contaminated waste
  • Any waste NOT deemed hazardous

We offer consulting and advisory services to help you find an appropriate location for your need that meets regulations in Montana.

Asbestos Monofill

The landfill features an asbestos monofill dedicated solely to the secure management of both friable and nonfriable asbestos wastes. This dedicated cell ensures that asbestos wastes are kept permanently isolated from all other landfill activities. Only employees and contractors with proper asbestos personal protective equipment are allowed access to this monofill.